Pancho Villa Taqueria

A Friendly Service in a Mexican Ambiance that Reflects the Mexican Culture

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365 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401


A Modern Mexican Restaurant with Culture
Mexican culture and food with a modern, responsive and efficient service.

Our modern and efficient restaurant business also includes the warmth and friendliness of Mexican culture, and people. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient staff will surprise you by treating you the best they can even in the busiest times.

People from all walks of life, ages and activities come to our restaurant. Friends, couples, families, busy tech workers, executives, construction workers, seniors and more create a diverse and dynamic ambiance - it is among what we like most about our restaurant!.

Professional, Friendly Service
Above all, our staff is friendly, optimist, and courteous.

People are at the center of every task at our restaurant. We like surprising clients by the quality of the service, always friendly and respectful.

Clients return over and over, explore our menus and indulge in our salsas under the watch of our responsive staff to any request or question you may have.

We invite you to visit us and find out what the "Mexican Food Eating Experience" is about!