Pancho Villa

"SUPER BURRITOS", Tacos, Fajitas and a Full Mexican Menu in San Mateo

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365 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401


Balancing Traditional & Innovative Mexican Food
As in El Toro Taqueria and Pancho Villa Taqueria San Francisco, we invite you to explore a truly varied Mexican menu.

Creating Mexican dishes and variations is what we do, it is how we express the "Cocina Mexicana". From Mexico to San Francisco, and now to San Mateo, our Mexican dishes and salsas are flavorful, bold, full of color and aromas reflecting the Mexican culture.

Our passionate chefs create traditional and modern recipes. Our vision is to create food and serve our clients surpassing their expectations.

Visit us and explore our varied and large Mexican menu, there is much to discover!

Our Awarded Mexican Salsas
Continues California awards for quality, taste and texture are a recognition to the dedication and care we put into every salsa, every day.

We follow the El Toro Taqueria and Pancho Villa Taqueria San Francisco experience and tradition by creating flavorful Mexican salsas. They are an essential part of the experience of eating Mexican food at our restaurant.

Try all of our salsas and discover which ones you like best!

A Truly Varied Mexican Menu
Explore many types of burritos, fajitas, tacos, camarones, carnes and much more!

Pancho Villa Taqueria offer you the experience of eating Mexican food through many ways. We balance the environment, the service, the dishes, salsa, nachos, beverages... and always the central component is the food. Explore all the Mexican food alternatives we offer.

Come and explore our menu and salsas!